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Equafinity was formed to offer life enhancing, often life changing, experiences to adults and young people.

Equine Assisted sessions are run amongst nature in the heart of the beautiful Exe Valley. Humans and horses work together to help individuals reconnect with themselves and the natural world. This is where new possibilities begin to form.

Sessions don't have to involve horses although most do. They are run by NLP Master Practitioner and Equine Facilitator Leigh Rundle,together with her three remarkable equines, Spirit, Pona and Sparkie.

Horses provide powerful insight, getting to the heart of what's really going on, allowing you to thrive rather than just survive.


These are challenging times. Equafinity offers an opportunity to restore your sense of balance, well-being and community.

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Sustainable personal development and self awareness are at the core of what Equafinity and the herd are able to offer.


We reset your neurological compass. You return home and find you're doing things differently.


Whether you are in pursuit of higher goals and ideals, facing new challenges, seeking to become more grounded and tune in to the natural world,  struggling to let go of negative attachments to past events or wishing to focus on improving your mental health, Equafinity's flexible approach allows sessions to be tailored to specific and individual requirements. You’ll find new resources to help you move in a positive direction





  • Building Confidence

  • Overcoming Trauma

  • Understanding and Regulating Emotions

  • Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

  • Improving Leadership and Team Skills

  • Mindfulness

  • Emotional Resilience

  • Energy and Intention

  • Interpersonal Skills and Collaboration




Non-judgmental, non-verbal teaching is particularly useful for:


  • Survivors of Abuse

  • Anyone suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression, drug or alcohol abuse

  • Hard to reach groups of all ages

  • Those excluded from school

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