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               WHY HORSES?



Our largest prey animal, horses are intensely mindful, intuitive and intelligent beings. As such, these animals are powerful therapeutic teachers. 


To horses, emotion is simply information. Because they were preyed upon in nature they have a highly-tuned fight/flight response which gives them increased sensitivity to our emotional state


Horses possess a unique ability to reflect our authentic feelings back to us, helping to unlock our emotions in a non-confrontational way. 


They intuitively pick up on our emotional “state" and see us without judgement. This encourages the exploration of new perspectives and possibilities. 

Spending structured and unstructured time with these remarkable creatures offers the prospect of being in the true present, exploring new ways of building and maintaining authentic relationships with ourselves and others.







Sessions are designed to create the momentum for continued change as what is learnt begins to be translated into everyday life.


Horses are highly responsive to body language and emotions. Building a relationship with them naturally builds confidence, trust and self-esteem.

As self-awareness develops so can the ability to focus more on our emotional well- being and life goals

"And there’s the indescribable thing that makes it all work. And I don’t know what that is."

(Ray Hunt, Father of Natural Horsemanship.)

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