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                   WHAT PEOPLE SAY


"Leigh’s genuine compassionate approach creates amazing rapport and trust to enable and empower the people she works with.

In the prison environment, she quickly won approval with the toughest and those most resistant to change, after they too saw and experienced her outstanding practice.

Leigh was our go to practitioner with the most challenging of cases. Her magical energy and renowned coaching skills produced practical outcomes and changed lives."

(David Gardner, Director Key4life) 





“I have known and experienced Leigh’s work for over a year. She provides incredible, innovative support to her clients, tailor making her services to their needs. She creates and maintains boundaries, is non- judgmental, with unfailing good humour. Her depth and breadth of expertise ensures that she is able to call on an array of skills to deal with different situations”

(Suzie, mother of client)




“I have used Leigh’s wonderful qualities when I have felt in great need of them. She is an amazing woman who has helped me so much. Her calming influence and guidance has helped to put me back on the right track, especially in this testing and scary time. Thank you Leigh, I always know I can call on you at any time” (Trish, client)


"I would like to thank Leigh for helping my son to start a new life.

|As a single mum I found it hard to help him when his life was out of control. Leigh helped him find direction and confidence. He is now in a stable job and has a home of his own. Without Leigh i don't know where he would be now. I am so grateful" ( Debbie, mother of client)

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